When searching for very cheap car insurance, many people want to break a window. However, the frustration need not exist. According to the article “Big List of Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance” found on another site, there are twenty-five ways to decrease the struggle and come out feeling more like Romeo and less like Hamlet.

One of the honorable mentions found in this article may be the most impossible. Yet, it bears discussion. A driver’s place of residence contributes to very cheap car insurance rates far more than most realize. If possible, move to a lower-crime area. The more burglaries, especially vehicle related, in an area, the more an insurer will charge simply if a customer lives there.

A second suggestion found on the list may also be a bit unsavory but worth doing. The better a credit score is, the lower the monthly premium. Improving a credit score, no matter how excellent or poor, helps fix rates not only in the insurance hunt but also in loans, electronic purchases, etc.

Some agencies not only offer very cheap car insurance discounts based on the safety of the vehicle, but some actually self-inspect. Make sure there are no windshield cracks or chips, no mirror damage, and functioning air bags. Having automatic seatbelts are also a bonus. An agent will assume that the driver will wear a seatbelt every time when he sees these.

Similarly, a vehicle which itself is protected lowers rates. Garages, and occasionally car ports, can bring discounts. This is because a company will believe burglars will be deterred. If an insurer has reason to believe a car has little risk, he will be willing to negotiate. The biggest rate-decreasing protection is an alarm system. Having the newest system will pay off. Alarms cost much less now than when first introduced and the installation process has been simplified. Several companies offer a discount for a security system and the price continues to drop based upon its recentness.

Going green is the thing. With the latest surge towards eco-friendly products, companies offer incentives. If already in the market for a new vehicle, buying a greener car will bring very cheap car insurance to your front door and help you save on gas.

If larger premium payments are an available option- go with it! It pinches the penny a little harder at first, but insurance agencies love it. They know more money is coming sooner. Paying in full over a shorter time period saves money not only by the end of the year, but also will give a reduced rate.

Physics has ruled: an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. A body in motion stays healthier while a car at rest stays safer. Walking, biking, etc. are all great options not only for staying fit but also for reducing the tab. Insurers charge money per mileage. Many companies require a mileage estimate or ask how far the commute is when giving quotes. Lower mileage= lower cost. Again, gas money is also reduced.

Taking a driving course nearly always brings added rebates. Insurers will smile and cut the bill if a customer takes a driving course and does well. Public and private courses are offered in most communities, especially where drivers’ licenses are issued such as the Driver’s License Division or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

To find very cheap car insurance one must consider how much insurance is necessary. Many people automatically sign up for full coverage, but this might be extraneous detail. Older cars decrease in value and most would sell for a maximum of one thousand dollars. In this case, having repair/replacement coverage would not be beneficial. Rental insurance for owners of multiple vehicles or for those who travel very rarely is also an added expense. Should a rental become a real possibility, insurance can be purchased then.

These instructions will truly put more money in the wallet. Finding out all the options and making personal lifestyle changes will help you achieve very cheap car insurance rates, save money in several other areas, and will eliminate the anxiety. Rather than breaking windows, part from all worry as Romeo says, “a thousand times good night!”

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