When it comes to shopping for car insurance whether for young or old drivers, people want to buy cheap auto insurance. Because young and newly licensed drivers are a higher risk to the insurance coverage providers, trying to buy cheap auto insurance can be a challenge.

Car Insurance for Young People – Training

Driver education is one of the best recommendations for teaching young drivers the rules of the road and the proper safety guidelines to follow to avoid accidents and moving violations. Most high schools offer driver education in the curriculum. There are also some independent driving courses that better prepare new drivers to be as safe as possible. Most companies will give discounts to drivers who have successfully completed voluntary driving education coursework.

Cheap Car Insurance for Young People – Car and Insurance Considerations

Before shopping for car insurance for young drivers, it is essential to also shop for the right car if the child is to have their own designated auto policy. Parents need to opt for cars listed highly on the vehicle national safety list. Young kids want shiny, bright, and fast, which is exactly what makes rates go up. A car need not be brand new, yet it does not have to be a junk heap. Practical shopping for a sensible safe car is the best approach when shopping for both car and insurance.

Car Insurance for Young People – Odometer Reading


When seeking a policy for a young driver, many agents will discount insurance depending how much driving the person does. Keeping an odometer reading on the auto will help track this figure. The less time a young newly licensed driver spends on the highways, the less chance there is they will be involved in an accident or moving violation. This poses less risk for the insurer which can typically result in a lower premium on the insurance coverage.

Car Insurance for Young People – The Parents’ Policy

A common assumption is that riding along on the parents’ policy is the way to go, but this is not always true. Several factors affect whether an independent policy or addition to the parents’ is the best route to cheap car insurance. Some companies assign the highest risk driver (the newly licensed one) to the highest valued vehicle even if it isn’t the one they drive. Research should be done in advance to find out what is the most economic route to take.

Car Insurance for Young People – Shave to Save


Choosing a higher deductible can help young drivers find cheap auto insurance. It should be a reasonable figure, however, so there is not a financial strain in the event it is needed. Review carefully all policy options and ask questions to find ways to save money. If the vehicle is an older model without much resell worth, dropping the collision is a consideration for premium savings. A qualified agent can review options to help find savings wherever possible.

When children reach the driving age, parents have many things on their mind other than just car insurance, but the fact remains it is a necessity. Comparing quotes is always recommended because there are so many variances in both coverage and cost. The peace of mind is worth it so parents know they are protected as well as their young driver.

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