Car insurance is the law if you have a car you must have coverage. Reducing your insurance without sacrificing coverage is doable; all you have to do is the legwork. The possibility that your own insurance company can offer you the cheapest car insurance available is very real. You have to ask your auto insurance company what you can do to lower your premium without sacrificing coverage.

Every situation is different but there are some common ways to lower insurance premium. Taking a defensive driving course and presenting the certificate to your insurance company will lower your rate. If you are driving a car that is ten to twelve years older, you do not need to carry collision only liability that lowers the rate considerably. When entering the retirement age 62 plus, you become eligible to lower insurance. If you are over 25, the rate starts to go down sometimes as much as 20%.

Some of these things also count, the mileage you put on your car; there is a difference if you drive to work every day, and your job is far you will pay more. However, if you drive only a few days a week, and you do not use the car for work that will lower your premiums. Reporting any kind of alarm and anti-theft device your car has including anti-lock brakes will lower your rate.

It is very important to compare insurance companies, using the internet can give you a broader look at what is out there making it easier to see the total picture and pick cheap auto insurance. Ask your family and friends who their carrier is and how much they cost.

Your address is important too, if you are living in a low crime area, it makes a difference low-risk neighborhood calls for lower rates. In addition, if you are working every day and take your car into a low-risk area talk to your agent; it may lower your cost.

Your car’s make and model make a difference the newer the car the higher insurance. Luxury cars and sport cars cost more because they run at a greater speed risking an accident. If you are considering purchasing a car consider a used or pre-owned car this will cut your rate.

Cleaning your driving record is important; if you have any points on your license see what you can do to take them off. The way you drive is a key to lower premiums; if you tend to get moving violations that will increase your premiums. An accident can increase your insurance by 40% so stay clean. If you have a clean record make sure to mention it to your agent and see what the company will do for you. If you share the car with another driver, and they have a clean record put them on as the primary driver in this way you will save money.

Another way to save is loyalty, if you are with the company for many years, loyalty can get you a discount. Do the legwork and find out your discount eligibility. There are many ways to get the cheapest auto insurance around don’t settle for high premiums; auto insurance is necessary but you don’t have to pay sky-high prices.

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