When it comes to buying car insurance, there are some tips that can help people get lower rates. Anyone looking to save money on what they pay each month will find the following information helpful.

Add Safety Features

Cars that have safety features added to them are considered to be at lower risk for causing accidents. This in turn, will lower the premiums paid for insurance coverage. Air bags are standard in most vehicles manufactured today, but if the car is older, they should be installed. Cars should also have air bags on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides. A car should also be equipped with anti-lock brakes to prevent skidding on slippery roads.

Choosing Better Models

When choosing a car, it is a good idea to look at what ratings the car had when tested. These ratings not only reflect the safety standards, but they also reflect how ell the car performs and what materials it is made with. Insurance companies favor cars made with high impact materials that will not need to be replaced or repaired in the event of an accident. Cars made with bumpers and doors that can easily be popped back into shape, are better for insurance purposes. The brakes and wheel alignment will also factor into the insurance rate given for the vehicle.

Certain cars are considered to be more costly to repair than others, which will raise the rates paid for insurance. These vehicles include luxury cars and foreign made sports cars. Many insurance companies also have higher rates for sports cars because they feel drivers are more likely to drive faster in them.

Bundle Insured Items

In order to win customers many insurance companies will provide them with a cheap car insurance rate if they bundle their insured items. This means if someone is looking to insure their home, they can save money by adding their car onto the package. People who have multiple vehicles can also receive lower rates by having all the cars insured under one company.

Be Healthy

People in good health can qualify for reduced insurance rates because they are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or other health related condition while driving. This also applies to people who smoke. Smokers are considered a high risk because they could drop their cigarette or ash while driving, which would draw their attention away from the road before them.

Shop Around

One of the easiest ways to get lower insurance rates is to shop around. Some companies offer rewards to people they consider to be good drivers. If a client has a good or safe driving record they could receive an amount of what they paid in insurance as a rebate after a year’s time. Students can also find companies who offer student drivers a cheap car insurance rate if they have high grade point averages.